vPod Lite is a microprocessor based smart vibration meter
• Measure vibration levels in acceleration, velocity, and displacement
• User-selectable vibration units and detection (rms, peak, peak-peak)
• Display vibration unit and detction on the LCD screen
• Automatically detect and display sensor and cable status with an icon
• Turn on screen back light in dark environment
• Display battery indicator on the screen
• Adjustable sensor sensitivity when the sensor is changed
• Up to 36 hours continuous operation with a 9V battery
• IP65-rated housing
• CE mark

Compared with vPod Lite, vPod vibration meter has additional features as follows:
• A high-pass filtered acceleration level bearing tester
• Precision mode for resolution of 0.1 micro-meter
• Measure averaged data, peak-hold data, or freeze the display

vPod II route-based vibration data collector
• Stores up to 1000 points of vibration data
• Vibration data can be transferred to a PC via the USB connection


The vPod Pro is a highly innovative smart vibration meter designed to meet the needs of machinery condition monitoring. It features the A52-IR sensor which enables simultaneous measurement of both vibration and temperature, with a high-strength magnetic base that securely transmits high-frequency signals from bearings or gears. The vPod Pro's display shows three readings at once for vibration level, bearing condition, and temperature, with the severity status indicated by easy-to-read background colors. It is also equipped with the field-proven "true-peak" detection method, making it highly effective in detecting early-stage bearing damage.

The vPod Pro comes with powerful utility and Novian software for data viewing and post-analysis, enabling users to listen to the raw signal via Bluetooth headset, attach pictures to stored data, and conduct post-analysis on stored raw data for more detailed spectrum data. Additionally, the vPod Pro features complete route mode capabilities, enabling users to measure basic vibration, bearing condition, and temperature while storing the raw vibration signal for further data analysis. With its dustproof and waterproof casing, intuitive interface, and ample storage space, the vPod Pro is a top-of-the-line choice for predictive maintenance monitoring.

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