vPod Lite is a microprocessor based smart vibration meter
• Measure vibration levels in acceleration, velocity, and displacement
• User-selectable vibration units and detection (rms, peak, peak-peak)
• Display vibration unit and detction on the LCD screen
• Automatically detect and display sensor and cable status with an icon
• Turn on screen back light in dark environment
• Display battery indicator on the screen
• Adjustable sensor sensitivity when the sensor is changed
• Up to 36 hours continuous operation with a 9V battery
• IP65-rated housing
• CE mark

Compared with vPod Lite, vPod vibration meter has additional features as follows:
• A high-pass filtered acceleration level bearing tester
• Precision mode for resolution of 0.1 micro-meter
• Measure averaged data, peak-hold data, or freeze the display

vPod II route-based vibration data collector
• Stores up to 1000 points of vibration data
• Vibration data can be transferred to a PC via the USB connection


Benstone Instruments released new vibration meter vPod Pro. Its innovative design allows you to simultaneously measure vibration values, bearing condition and temperature at the same time; Optional spectrum analysis function and route-based measurement function for a large amount of data collection. The lens on the back allows you to add a photo taken on-site as a note when storing data. In addition, vPod Pro supports Bluetooth headset for listening to the vibration signal.

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