Impaq Elite & Impaq Pro



The impaq Elite Portable Dynamic Signal Analyzer is a powerful and reliable 4-channel data collector and portable vibration analyzer. Powered by Microsoft Windows CE and state-of-the-art DSP technology, the impaq Elite is housed in a ruggedized casing made of high-tech, dual-material injection process, providing durability and resilience in harsh environments.

Equipped with a VGA resolution color touch screen, the impaq Elite offers a brand-new experience with in-field analyzers. Benstone Instruments has developed modular software for specific applications, allowing for easy installation of optional application programs for specific testing requirements.

The impaq Elite's optional modules include FFT Spectrum Analysis, Computed Order Tracking, Octave Spectrum Analysis, Vibration Meter, Raw Data Recorder, and Rotor Balancing modules. With these modules, you can conduct cross-channel analysis, perform time domain integration, filtering, and root mean square (RMS) calculations, record raw time data, and perform field balancing of rotating machines.

The impaq Elite Portable Dynamic Signal Analyzer is an excellent tool for professionals who require accurate and reliable vibration analysis in various settings. Invest in impaq Elite today and experience a new level of accuracy and reliability in portable vibration analysis.

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The impaq Pro Portable Vibration Analyzer is a powerful and portable 4-channel sound and vibration analyzer equipped with a large 10.1" multi-touch color display. With Windows 10's multi-tasking feature, you can conduct multiple FFT spectrum analysis, octave spectrum analysis, and order tracking analysis at the same time. The impaq Pro is designed with dual-color ABS plastic housing and is IP65-rated, making it ideal for harsh environments.

The impaq Pro Portable Vibration Analyzer has five operational modes, including Real-time Mode, Raw Data Recorder Mode, Real-time + Recorder Mode, Playback Mode, and Report Mode. You can easily conduct real-time vibration analysis, record raw data, replay previously saved raw signal files, import or export measured data, and make reports.

The impaq Pro also comes with several optional modules, including the FFT Spectrum Analysis Module, Octave Spectrum Analysis Module, Computed Order Tracking Module, and Raw Data Recorder and Playback Analysis Module. You can also perform standard mathematical operations, use the built-in signal generator, and support multiple analysis modes.

Overall, the impaq Pro Portable Vibration Analyzer provides a powerful and versatile solution for conducting sound and vibration analysis in the field.

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