Novian™ Sound & Vibration Analyzer is a powerful and versatile tool for accurate and reliable sound and vibration analysis. With up to 128 channels and several optional modules, Novian is suitable for evaluating sound and vibration severity in various settings, including high-tech factories, vehicles, and turbine machines.

Novian provides real-time analysis with raw data recording, allowing you to measure and record raw vibration data continuously while you perform real-time monitoring. It also includes a playback analysis feature that allows you to replay previously saved raw data files as if it were a live reading.

Novian's easy-to-use menu structure provides intuitive functionality and built-in flexibility for advanced sound and vibration analysis. Its high-speed performance and advanced features, including FFT Analysis, Octave Spectrum Analysis, and Computed Order Tracking, make it an ideal tool for professionals who require accurate and reliable sound and vibration analysis.

Whether you're conducting NVH testing of vehicles, advanced vibration analysis of turbine machines, or evaluating floor vibration in high-tech factories, Novian™ Sound & Vibration Analyzer is the tool you need to take your sound and vibration analysis to the next level.

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