Fieldpaq II


The fieldpaq II Vibration Tester is a rugged and reliable portable analyzer that is ideal for advanced noise and vibration measurements in the field. It is equipped with a large color touch screen and precision 24-bit sigma delta AD converters, as well as a powerful DSP chip that performs real-time analysis. With an optional FFT Spectrum Analysis Module, users can conduct cross-channel analysis for modal analysis, ODS testing, and sound intensity measurements.

In addition to its advanced vibration analysis capabilities, the fieldpaq II also features an optional Octave Spectrum Analysis Module that utilizes real-time digital filtering technology to generate octave, 1/3 octave, or 1/12 octave spectrum. This module is suited for acoustic or vibration data acquisition in the field, and can perform measurements with user-defined weightings. For vibration applications, the program can display VC curves on the spectrum, providing real-time evaluation of the vibration severity in the field.

For those needing to perform rotor balancing in the field, the fieldpaq II Vibration Tester also includes an optional Rotor Balancing Module that supports simultaneous, 4-channel measurements with a multiple point field balancing technique. This advanced software simplifies field balancing of machines with a very high level of accuracy. With features such as multi-point balancing, heavy spot estimation with one shot measurement, and redo a previous balancing job with saved balancing factors, the fieldpaq II is a powerful tool for vibration analysis and maintenance in the field.

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